Why I Created Infinity Threads

I’ve been a visual designer in one way or another since the 90’s. I inherited a penchant for visual art from my Hungarian grandpa Petroczy, who painted portraits, village scenes and his village church with biblical scenes …all with very limited materials during harsh post WWII conditions of Communist Hungary. Yet Art must go on.  As a geographer and map geek gradate of UCSB, I got to innovate and create tons of great maps at maps.com and later, a transit map agency, bringing color, design and sophistication to an otherwise drab technology.  The LA Bike Map is probably my most awesome cartography project. However, with Google maps and the growth of the web, my career shifted towards web and graphic design.

Along with my career in visual arts, I love to play ultimate frisbee, hike, backpack, yoga and have at times rock climbed, cross fitted, hacky sacked, hiked the Inca Trail and have done a ton of gardening in a Master gardening program. With the sitting for work plus the intense athletic actives, my body has been used up and has accumulated plenty of scar tissue and dense fascia = aches and pains. I found myself getting intense assisted stretching at the Genius of Flexibility to heal and reinvent my muscle and connective tissues, and having such a good time stretching with the community and learning how to do this amazing bodywork myself. Bob Cooleys system of stretching calls for learning the 16 meridians of the body based on the Traditional Chinese medicine model of the 12 meridians of the body taken to another level…8 upper body and 8 lower body meridians. Resistance Flexibility stretches are performed for muscle groups based on these meridians, and affect the muscles, connective tissues, organs, mental, spiritual and personality traits for each meridian. For example the Brain meridian, a yang meridian, goes down the back of the body, central hamstring and under the foot, affecting the entire nervous system as well as waking up the brain.

The challenge for many students is learning the meridians…where are they?  I was discussing the possibility of creating leggings mapping the leg meridians with my friend Deb and researched leggings and thus …..Infinity Threads was born!  Once I created them, tons of cool geeky ideas flooded in and many more are waiting in the creative cue.  The logo came from my number …number 8 on the Santa Barbara Condors, number 88 on my masters teams and the infinity crop circle that appeared on 8-8-08.

Find Meridian Leggings Here 🙂